Lars Krantz

Décima Víctima

In 1981 Lars Krantz (guitar) and his brother Per (bass) formed Clausula Tenebrosa, when Ella y los Neumáticos broke up. They played instrumentals influenced by surf music, Duane Eddy, Joy Division and the Cure. Soon Carlos Entrena, from the newly split Ejecutivos Agresivos, joined in on vocals and they changed their name to Décima Víctima. In the beginning they used a drum machine, but after some time their friend José Brena, who had no previous musical experience, joined in on drums. Together with Gabinete Caligari they were the first ones to introduce a dark, even depressive, side to their music, that many Spanish bands were to follow. They broke up in 1983 having released two albums, toured around Spain and made several TV appearances.

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Decima Victima