Lars Krantz



Formed in 1990. When the Gary Cooper Combo broke up, Lars Krantz once again got together with the singer of The Iguana Foundation, Pelle Strandberg. John Essing, formerly of The Gary Cooper Combo, was also involved but he soon left as Bob Hund required his full attention. They started recording a 4 track demo with producer Ossi Bashiri and it turned into a whole album, subsequently released on Amigo. The band made few live performances but were prolific in the studio, recording a second album, that remains unreleased. The band broke up in 1995 due to their record label's lack of support. Their music was influenced by 70's glam rock and the Manchester sound.


This is Foundation (Album, Amigo 1994), Dumb Generation (Single, Amigo 1993), Next in Line (Single, Amigo 1993), Back to You (Single, Amigo 1994).

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